Come and join us to celebrate Christmas on 19th December at the Afternoon Night Club or join us for our piertalk New Year’s Party on 3rd January

piertalk  membership is only £12.00 per annum (£1.00 per month) and for this you can go to a wide range of social events – If you would like to join please visit our membership page for further details

Meeting up at the Last Post – 08.09.17

Welcome to piertalk.com, the community website for the people of Southend and surrounding areas to find local information, offer advice and most of all to meet up and socialise.

We meet the second and fourth Friday of the month from 1.00pm onwards at the Last Post, Clifftown Road, Southend.

We can arrange to meet you beforehand and if you are nervous of coming in alone, one of us will meet you outside.

We also hold a wide range of activities and events throughout the week from walks, quizzes and meals to bowling, snooker and day trips.

You will be made very welcome so please come and join us.