Formed in April 2017, piertalk.com is a non-profit making community group offering a wide range of social activities including lunches, walks, quizzes and days out. We also have a thriving Book Club, a Snooker Club and a Scrabble Morning. Other innovations are an Afternoon Quiz and on 19 December, we will be holding our first subsidised event, an Afternoon Night Club for members and guests.

piertalk is aimed at both those with a good social life and family but also, those who through no fault of their own find themselves isolated and lonely and would like to re-connect with society.

Loneliness is at an epidemic rate in the UK and it has a vast impact on health. There is a sad lack of community and not many people seem to care. I sat on my sofa for 8 years, lonely and depressed and in the end frightened to leave my flat. I can’t stand the thought of anyone being in that position and if they hear about piertalk, maybe they will feel able to join us.

For that reason, we are trying to let the community of Southend and its surrounding areas know we are here. We have joined SAVS and our weekly newsletter is sent out to over 300 contacts including members. It can also be found in the Hub at SAVS and on Reception in the Forum. For those without a computer, we send out a monthly newsletter by post and now daily texts to let them know what events are on.

We are from all walks of life and all have different backgrounds. Someone may be recently widowed, just moved into the area, recently retired or facing retirement and looking for a group to join but we all come together and have fun.

piertalk does indeed change lives as our logo says – many friendships have been formed in the short time we have been running and neighbours are now meeting neighbours.

Although our age group seems to be 50 upwards and we meet mainly in the day, we are now looking at opportunities to have more evening events so that those working can join us. Another project will be inter-generational. We are also considering our first holiday together. Another initiative for next year is our Welfare Scheme, where we plan to send members, who are alone, a morning text to see if they are okay.

piertalk is only £12.00 a year to join – this is to cover the cost of printing, paper and ink – but for that we offer a lot – friendship, fun and community.

piertalk cares about its members and community and is here to stay!

piertalk is a place where :

  • Friendships are made, whether it be virtual or face to face – we have no age limit, everyone is welcome.
  • Find out what’s happening in the area – attend local events, discover other social groups
  • Share skills
  • Give and lend items
  • Recommend trades and businesses
  • Share community projects and local causes

Most of all is about you and our local community