1. The Committee shall meet on a regular basis and members shall have one vote.
  2. The Treasurer will prepare annual accounts which will be presented at the AGM and will be agreed by a simple majority vote.
  3. The Terms of Membership may be amended by the Committee at any time thought to be appropriate as long as the amendment does not jeopardise piertalk’s status or founding principles.
  4. Visitors are allowed to attend two regular meet ups and one event before they are required to become a fully paid up member. The Committee reserve the right to ask a visitor to become a member before all the ‘guest’ visits have been undertaken.
  5. Guests are asked to pay £2.50 to attend an event.
  6. piertalk welcomes everyone, with no age limit, single or otherwise. Membership will be subject to the Committees’ approval.  The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership
  7. The Committee will run piertalk for the benefit of its members and will conduct matters in an informal manner. The Committee comprises of at least a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and two Trustees
  8. The Committee reserves the right to promote piertalk as it sees fit. Any member not wishing to be part of a piertalk promotion shall make it their business to exclude themselves from any activity that may be used to promote piertalk.
  9. By paying the membership fees, piertalk members agree to the piertalk’s Terms of Membership.
  10. Any person exhibiting behaviour likely to cause upset or offence to other members or bring piertalk into disrepute will have their membership terminated.
  11. Membership fees are non-refundable.